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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

SFRS: Part Three!

I realised that I've been posting these pics out of sequence! This posting should have been first.

This starts off with St Francis (Shane Gallagher) in his heavenly garden see's an angel in an apparition.

The Angel (Pauline Brogan) tells him he is needed for one reason or other to host a radio show. (We'll see Pauline's brother Super PJ in the next posting).

Do you remember Michael Jackon's Thriller video? PJ Dunleavy recites the Vincent Price bit from the video ..."Darkness falls across the land...". Then St. Francis is transformed into Ever Ready Eddie and sent down to earth!

Peter Lawne on Guitar, Brian Cannon on Drums, and Ian Curristian on Bass, get a good laugh!

And DJ Ever ready Eddie arrives on Earth! More pics to come, might not be until the New Year as I'll be away from the computer for a bit. Much thanks to Barry Cannon for the pics, and also to Barry & James Lawne for helping me remember what the storyline was! :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Main Street

A view up the Main Street for any you missing home! :)

Street in Donegal
Originally uploaded by jacanegra


Curfew slapped on 2 teenagers in Buncrana:
A curfew has been imposed on two teenagers who embarked on a reign of terror in a rural town, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They threw eggs, stones and other missiles at houses and cars in their native Buncrana, Co Donegal.

Closing date for the IDA site at Milltown was Dec 19th:
The price-tag on the site currently stands at around 4 million euro with interest said to be at a high level.

The agents dealing with the sale of the land have said that a national brand developer have expessed interest in the site, along with local parties.

It is understood the final sale of the site will be announced in early 2008 pending a review of the bids by IDA officials.

And lock yer doors!
Gardai in South Donegal are urging home-owners to ensure their properties are safe and secure in the run-up to Christmas to ward off potential burglaries.

The warning comes as a house in Bundoran was broken into yesterday afternoon.

The culprits broke a window to get into the property on the Church Road, which was unoccupied at the time, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.

And if your a native Irish speaker the EU may need you (for a job):
Fluent Irish speakers in Donegal are being urged to apply for law vacancies in Europe. The EU institutions are currently recruiting lawyer linguists to work in offices on the continent.


Rape case retrial in 2008:
The retrial of six men charged with the alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl in a number of South Donegal locations has been adjourned until April of next year.

The trial sensationally collapsed in late November when it emerged that one of the jury panel knew one of the defendants four days into the trial.

Ex-garda on trail for voilent assault of girlfriend:
A garda who "pulverised" his former girlfriend's face in a sustained assault, just days before Christmas, has been described by a judge as a disgrace to his profession.

And some good news! Alan Doherty, from Letterkenny, born without a chin appears to be doing well in NYC where he is undergoing a series of painful surgerys:
Alan, who was born with a rare Maxillofacial disorder meaning he had no lower jaw, is the first person ever to be given a chin transplant, after a new jawbone taken from his leg was grown in his ribcage and then transplanted onto his face in a marathon operation.
On Monday Alan underwent another operation after part of the leg-bone implanted in his jaw in October became infected ...

In the latest surgery, part of his hip was transplanted into his face.

But the brave Letterkenny teen says he won't let the painful procedures get him down.

He wrote: "I'll just take everything in my stride and carry on and once I saw the way I may be in a year or two's time, that was it ? I knew I'd go ahead with these procedures, set-backs or none I'd keep my chin up, and look to the future."

... and he joked: "All I'm worried about now is, will I get through customs in JFK and Dublin now that I got my new chin .... in case people go crazy thinking I'm the new Tom Cruise!"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

SFRS: Part Two!

Some more pics from the No Name Club in 1985, for more details see: .

Barry & Peter Cannon, & Andrew Gallagher as Rastafarians singing "Three Little Birds".

Anita Twoomey, Fidelma Carr, and Marin Dunleavy singing.

Ever Ready Eddie (Shane Gallagher) the DJ, and Mick Timony (meself) as a ventriloquist, with James Lawne as Orville the ventriloquist's dummy! :)

And some commentary from Barry:
On the plot, as much as there was one, St Francis in his heavenly garden gets apparition from an angel (Pauline Brogan) who tells him he is needed for one reason or other to host a radio show. He morphs (Not "Murphs") into Ever-Ready Eddie and presents the show with various guest artists - don't think there was any clear moral outcome to close the narrative though. "SFRS" was the deep-voiced whispered jingle in the background - like the sound effect to the children's story (remember "small bear was sick UUUUUUGGGHHHHHHH!!!....?).
And, there are more pics to come! :)

Drummenny, 1914

Found this picture on, Drummenny is out behind Clar chapel. I figured someone might be interested in it:

James Ray helping on Francis farm, Drummenny, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal
Originally uploaded by Ray & Val

A few more here:


Amazing wave action on Mullagmore:

Farmer's worried that deer (maybe from Glenveagh) may have TB:

... said that there was a real need to look at carrying out a major cull of deer in Donegal, and to have them tested for TB.

The meeting heard that up to 10% of deer could have TB and he warned of a "catastrophy" if the deer population continues to grow.

A cull because some of them might have TB seems a bit of an overreaction to me. The deer were here before the farmers and we've denuded our country of enough of our native large wild mammals already.

More detail here:
Mr Joe Gettins, NPW Regional Manager stated: "I reject totally that it Glenveagh is responsible for the problem. It is not in our brief to cull the wider area. The one thing I abhor is people making statements without concrete facts. It is scare-mongering of the worst kind."

"It is as much in our interests to have a healthy deer population as it is for a farmer to have healthy livestock."

And the new luxury 5 star hotel has opened at Lough Eske castle:
It's being developed by Donegal man Pat Doherty of Harcourt Developments who already owns the Carlton Redcastle Hotel on the Inishowen Peninsula.

The 96-bedroom hotel has been constructed around the Elizabethan-style Lough Eske Castle, built in 1861.

I'd be interested in seeing what they've done to the place. Have they done a tasteful restoration of the castle and complemented it with interesting extensions that blend in with the original structure, or have the just made a mess a of it! :) Anyone got any pics? Is the gourmet restaurant any good? And if it just opened, give them a few weeks to iron out the bugs.

And it should bring provide some jobs for locals. I wonder how will it affect traffic on the wee roads out to the lake?

The number of B&B's in Donegal is decreasing:
... it was reported that while nationally, the B&B market is 'buoyant', Donegal and the western region have seen a large decline in the numbers of operating B&Bs

I wonder how much of this has to do with the increasing number of hotels that are about, and if many people don't need the money from running a B&B anymore.

And another rape trail:
A Donegal woman has claimed at the Central Criminal Court that a man she knew well socially, raped her in his car in the early hours of the morning after offering her a lift home from a pub.

News: Bit's & Pieces

Donegal Creameries is to get into the organic foods markets:
(Scrool 1/2 way down the page).
Donegal Creameries ... is setting up a big organic enterprise on its An Grianan estate, according to the Irish Examiner.

This could become the biggest organic farm in Europe if the group fully converts its 2,500-acre estate in Co Donegal to producing organic food.

... Once the transformation of the estate to organic status is completed, An Grianan may be one of the largest, if not largest organic farm in Europe.'

I think that's great, I'm all for more healthy sustainable foods.

Some Abbot's jobs lost in Galway may be moved to Donegal Town:
The company said it is possible that up to 50 to 100 of the jobs could be saved by relocating them to other Abbott facilities around Ireland, including Dublin, Donegal, Clonmel, Sligo, Longford and Cavan.

I'm sure they'll be some fierce competition for them.

Man who assaulted 14 year old girl claims voodoo made him do it!

Judge Zaidan said: "His reason offered [was] that voodoo contributed to his behaviour. Now it is clear from his previous record that within months of being released he commits this and offers the excuse of voodoo".

Does he think the judge is an idiot?

Judge Zaidan said despite the early plea and the reasons offered by the defendant, he would exercise his discretion and jail him for the maximum term of one year.

He ordered him to be placed on the sex offenders register, be subject to sex offenders treatment before his release and subject to two years supervision.

Hmmm, methinks prison alone isn't going to stop someone like this, he probably needs some serious psychiatric treatment.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winners of a Flight of the Earls art competition

The girls in the photo are Rhea Coughlan, Ciara Lynch and Aoife Burke. The girls all attend the local school and were winners of a Flight of the Earls art competition in their age group. So well done girls, keep up the good work.

Sorry Ladies for the delay.. just checking through my mail and located the photo! Well done from me as well.....

Monday, December 10, 2007

No Name Club!

Live from Donegal Town, it's the Saint Francis Youth club!

Barry Cannon as Barry (David) Bowie singing Modern Love, with Andrew Gallagher & Peter Cannon.

Barry & Peter Cannon, & Andrew Gallagher as Rastafarians.
"What do you call a Kerry Rastafarian?"
If you want to know ask, and we'll tell ye in the comments! :)

Peter Lawne on Guitar, Brian Cannon on Drums, and Ian Curristian on Bass.

Thanks to Barry Cannon for getting these fantastic pics to me. He scanned them in and did a great job. I've 17 of these to post and I think I'll post over the next couple of weeks! We think the photographer was one of the Gallaghers (anyone know which one)?

These were taken on 31st March 1985 at the No Name Club that was on Sunday nights in the Central Hotel's ballroom. Meself and Barry, and many others were members of the Saint Francis Youth Club (sfyc) and we entered into the No Name Club. The No Name Club was variety contest where groups came from all over the county to compete, each night 2 different groups were on.

Update: I'd said it was a TV show, but James Lawne corrected me (pic of him coming soon) and it was a Radio Station and the DJ was Shane Gallagher as "Ever Ready Eddie" (pics later this week). SFRS on the back wall stands for Saint Francis Radio Station! :)

And James said:
We got to the final and lost to the group of breakdancers from Ballyboffey!
Please correct me if I'm wrong about anyone's name or anything else! :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Wee shop

Anyone remember the wee shop out by Clar? :)

The Tin shop and a Chestnut tree

Thanks to Pitmatic for the pic!

News: Donegal Town Development decision delayed

Decision on development delayed till next week. Is this the development that Michael Kelly is planning on doing behind the car park on Main Street. Anyone know?
A decision from An Bord Pleanala on the construction of a large retail and residential development in Donegal Town has been postponed for another week.

The mixed use development will include retail and office untis, 52 apartments and car-parking facilites ...

An Bord Pleanala have said the case is being given 'priority' and a decision is now due on Monday 10 December.

If this is the plan for around Miller's Hill they'll have some job building stuff on that slope.

Anyone else remember sliding down Miller's Hill in the snow? :)

Old Donegal Town Postcard
The pic is from one of the old John Hinde postcards from the 1970's. My Aunt Isable had this and I scanned a copy.

News: Loss at Sea

2 men, a Father & Son, loose their lives in Iver Bay.

The initial story from the Irish Times:
The pair were thrown from the small boat in heavy seas in Donegal Bay - the second fishing tragedy to hit the west of Ireland in the past 24 hours. It is understood the two men who died are from Inver Port, Co Donegal. The man who died was believed to be in his 40s and his son was 19 years old.

The coastguard plucked the pair from the sea after an hour and they were flown to Sligo General Hospital, but they died later, a spokeswoman for the Health Service Executive said.

The Irish Coast Guard said a search and rescue operation was launched for the father and son off Donegal at around 12.30pm when a passer-by saw a flare being set off.

Officers in Malin Head dispatched the helicopter from Sligo and contacted lifeboat crews in Killybegs and Bundoran but they could not launch due to the weather.

"The weather was too poor for those two crews to launch, the winds were up to gale force," a Coast Guard spokesman said. The helicopter was on the scene within a half an hour and had found the men and winched them on board by 1.30pm. Both were suffering from severe hypothermia. They had left Killibegs harbour in a 20ft open deck lobster boat to check on pots in the bay.

And more coverage from later the following day:

A father and son died in hospital yesterday shortly after being airlifted from the sea in Inver Bay.

The pair, who have been named locally as 46-year-old Liam Kennedy and his teenage son Conor, were checking lobster pots around half a mile off the coast when they got into difficulties during high winds.The alarm was raised by another fisherman who had returned to shore due to the bad weather.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rossnowlagh on a Winter's day


Thanks to CyberGirl1 for the pic!


I thought I'd try posting news articles more often we wouldn't end up with enormous posts taking up the whole page!

24-year-old Barry Gallagher from Killybegs killed in car accident near Killybegs:

2 companies looking for Uranium exploration licenses refused:

Sunday, December 02, 2007


If you like rallying, you'll like this video from the inside of a car at the recent rally in Donegal:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Six men accused of assaulting young girl, trail in Donegal Town court:
The trial has begun at Donegal Town Circuit Court of six men charged with sexually assaulting a young girl.The alleged offences against the same victim took place in 2002 and 2003 when the girl was aged 12 and 13. ... the girl had been in the care of the health board when the first two offences took place. At the time of the other assaults she said the girl was behaving very badly, drinking, smoking and being sexually active.

The barrister told the jury that the common thread was that she was a child and the accused were all adult men who knew her age.

The article might make one think this happened in Donegal Town, but I heard this happened in Ballyshannon and the court case is in Donegal Town. Still, it's just totally f*%king unbelievable, maybe so unbelievable that it's not true. Let's hope the courts get to the truth and justice is server.

The jury has been discharged and the case might have to be reheld:

During today's proceedings, the judge quizzed one of the jurors, and asked him if he had ever attended the Tourism College in Killybegs. He said he graduated from the college in 2005 and now worked there as kitchen porter.

He assured the judge he did not know any of the defendants.

Judge Martin Nolan adjourned the case for 20 minutes and when he returned he said that 'unfortunately in the interests of justice' he was discharging the jury.

More articles about the case from earlier in the week:

Donegal Town will not feature in 'Prime Time' planning investigation programm
Donegal Town will not feature on tonight's (Nov 26th 2007) Prime Time Investigates programme which will look into county councillors' input into local planning procedures

An RTE spokesperson told Ocean FM News, that while a 'considerable' amount of research was carried out, Donegal did not make the final cut in the programme due to be screened tonight.

Twenty-nine Donegal County Councillors each received a letter in August of this year from a council senior planner titled 'Query from RTE Prime Time regarding land zoning'.

It be interesting to see what kind of stuff they turn up. I'm sure Donegal, like other counties, has it share of "issues" with abuse of planning permissions and retention.

Serious car accident near Dunkineely, one killed:

Launch of Derry-Donegal Diaspora Project in London, I think it's aim is to attract immigrants back to the area. With the highest unemployment in the country I think we need to be attracting the entrepreneurs

And don't drive across the border without a valid tax disc:

If your taking your leaving cert next year, you'll be happy to hear the schedule has been relax:
Minister Hanifin accepting that pressure and exams go hand in hand, insists the new time table is student friendly and a direct result of students voicing their concerns regarding the opening few days of exams.
Abbey Vocational School Principal from Donegal Town Emmanuel McCormick feels this is a step in the right direction and will help alleviate the initial pressure in those first few days.
“There has been a lot of talk over the years about reform. This is definitely a step in the right direction. And we’d like to see more of this in future. The National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) have recently discussed the idea of nominating the week after the Easter holidays as an opportunity for practical and oral examinations to take place, which would have obvious benefits come June,” he said.

And some awesome surfing down by Mullagmore:
Pics here:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Freewheelin' Franklin.. footage required !

In conversation today, I was discussing Freewheelin' Franklin with the former drummer Greg Gorman... When he came up with a great idea of trying to gather some of the video footage of them playing at various events, weddings, parties, and general gigs. He personally would like to put it all together in a edited version on disk. I would love to see it as they truly rocked... The year that they formed was October 1989 and they spanned until approx. October 1992. Any info or footage would be greatly appreciated. Greg can be contacted via mail ;

More Videos from Pavesi

More Videos from Pavesi recorded in O'Donnells Donegal Sun 11 November 2007 and The Abbey Centre Ballyshannon Tues 20 Nov 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Sorry for not posting any news recently, been wile busy! So here's a whole heap to keep you occupied:

Co. Donegal has the highest rate of secondary school drop-outs in the country:
Donegal Town driving test center has the smallest waiting list in the nation:
Donegal troops part of Irish army force doing peace keeping in Chad:

Donegal teens are getting heavier and heavier and need more PE:
And parents are warned to make sure kids don't spend all day in front of the telly/computer/video games and to monitor what their kids are playing/doing:

Man shot and left for dead in the Derryveagh Mountains (up near Glenveagh):
More information here:
Donegal TD raises concern about cross-border crime:
Guilty verdict in rape trial:
Asylum seeker, in Donegal Town, put on sex offenders list for indecently assulting 14 year old:
The court heard it happened five months after he received a jail sentence for a similar offence in Wicklow.
Methinks he should be deported and asylum given to someone law-abiding.

Development and planning:
Bus Eireann nixes moving the bus stop down to the bus yards near the Bosco center and the Railway museum. Now that would have helped traffic congestion in the town.
All those new houses being build all over the county are lying vacant (but not for sale):
IDA site at Milltown up for sale:
Glebe development project decision deferred until December:
Retail park gets go ahead at Revlin (near the football pitch?):
It had been proposed to locate a DIY retail store and garden centre on the site at Revlin on the Killybegs road with parking for more than 250 cars.

Am I the only one who thinks that siting a shopping complex on a major trunk road is a bad idea and only screws with through traffic even more? I'm just waiting for some serious car accidents from people trying to pull out into speeding traffic.

And the new mart has finally gotten a go-ahead:
Meanwhile, Westmeath-based developers Bennetts have also been granted planning permission for a new multi-million euro Mart at Tullyearl, Donegal Town.

This grant from Donegal County Council (DCC) will see the Mart move from its' current location beside the Bosco Centre, adjacent to Tirconall Street in the town centre.

This should help free up congestion in and around the town and free up space for new development. But, won't the mart be missed in this auld market town of ours?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pavesi Live in O'Donnell's Donegal Town 11 Nov 2007

Pavesi Live in O'Donnell's Donegal Town 11 Nov 2007
Great gig lads... Best of luck in Ballyshannon Tues 20th.. (don't forget my tickets Ronan!)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Strabane Bridge

strabane bridge
Originally uploaded by CyberGirl1
Pic of Strabane Bridge.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Slieve League

Taken by me cousin Fergal.

Originally uploaded by fhergaljohn

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pavesi on Sunday Night

Just got a wee note from Ronan:

We’ll be doing an hour in O’Donnells this Sunday to shake of the cobwebs prior to the Ballyshannon 2fm gig on Tues Nov 20th. If anyone is interested in coming along to boo us of the stage.

So if your about on Sunday Nov 11th 2007, pop over to O'Donnells and see the lads, take some pics too!


Judge doesn't think much of young male Donegal drivers:

Now get a load of this:

The court heard that on the 27th October gardai were operating a checkpoint at Cashel, Creeslough as part of Operation Anvil. At 11.25pm a vehicle travelling in excess of 90 miles per hour drove at gardai and failed to stop. Because of the speed gardai did not pursue it.

The next morning at 4.08am gardai were operating another checkpoint at Keeldrum when a blue Toyota Corolla approached them and once again failed to stop. The driver, Wilkin, proceeded to drive through Gortahork at 60m/ph and gardai radioed ahead where another checkpoint was set up at Falcarragh. Once again the defendant drove through the checkpoint at high speed. He drove through Falcarragh at 70m/ph, narrowly missing people coming off a bus. Gardai continued to pursue him until his car ran onto an embankment. Wilkin tried to evade arrest but he tripped and was apprehended by gardai. The court heard that he was extremely intoxicated and was taken to Letterkenny Garda station where he refused to give a blood sample.

Now the Judge is going to make an example of him which I think is good, because too many people use the excuse that it was the drink talking and it wasn't really them and they're actually a good wee boy and they won't do it again, at least until Saturday night.

But, we all know better! I'm sure we all know some lad whose fine when sober, but when drinking is a fecking eejit and the next day blames the drink for all the woe and hassle from the night before. Well get this, the drink doen't drink itself!

OK, back to the article! I think this quote is geat:
"That's probably because he doesn't park his car. He probably just abandons it somewhere," replied Judge Fitzpatrick.

And then there was another bad accident:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pavesi playing in Ballyshannon: Did U get your ticket yet?

The lads will be playing in the Arts Centre, Ballyshannon, Tuesday November 20th on the 2fm music for tomorrow tour.

And more here:

Ronan will have a few guest tickets he can give away. If you see him about the town, ask, and make sure you show up! Or e-mail him at:

Rhanna AT

The Lads

If anyone takes pic send them on and we'll blog 'em.

Glencar Falls.

Originally uploaded by fhergaljohn
Great pic of Glencar Falls taken by my cousin Fergal.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Solar powered lighting for Donegal roads:

3 non-locals arrested for drugs procession in the Town:

Donegal Town rape trial:

Man arrested, in Dunkineely, for sexual assualt:

BSE found in Donegal, big effort to find out where it originated from:
The Minister for Agriculture Mary Coughlan says that a major investigation is underway into a case of mad cow disease in County Donegal.The five-year-old cow which was infected with BSE was discovered in a Donegal herd this week.

A wile load of drinking going on! Donegal 7th highest in the country for alcohol related deaths:
"I see the consequences of alcohol abuse working at the White Oaks Rehabiliation Centre on a daily basis and the fact that we have such a high death rate doesn't surprise me. The addiction to alcohol is the leprosy of our times, it's a huge problem and it's affecting so many people."

Seagate factory in Derry to close, I'm sure this will have some affect on Donegal. Seagate makes hard-drives for computers, and some of the best rated ones you can buy. But, unforthunately it seems to be cheaper for them to do this abroad:
The closure of a computer plant in Co Derry, with the loss of 1,000 jobs, sparked fears last night for the future of dozens of Donegal workers employed by the company's larger sister factory.

The Derry city operation employs 1,300 staff from a wide hinterland, including the Inishowen peninsula of Co Donegal and as far away as Letterkenny.

Cool article, in a US newspaper, about surfing in Donegal:
Ireland doesn't instantly come to mind when it comes to surfing, but the buzz has been building in recent years. The Irish national team finished 19th at the 2006 World Surfing Games in Huntington Beach, Calif. Ireland was tabbed as an undiscovered "must surf" spot in a recent edition of Surfing magazine.

Surfers who come to Donegal Bay can choose from different waves. The toughest is generally considered to be the Peak, a reef break off Bundoran, several dozen yards out from where the newbies were splashing in the surf with Andrew and Pete. When the weather is clear and the waves are working, the Peak can be a place of elbows and angry talk, though it never gets to the level of an ankle-slapping weekend at the Huntington Beach Pier.

In the Water! Worlds Biggest Surf Lesson, Bundoran, Co. Donegal Ireland
Originally uploaded by L'Art de moi

Monday, October 29, 2007


Somebody (or bodies) set an auld caravan on fire somewhere up the Main Street. (My best impersonation of Joey Kane here) God-damn VANDALS:
Gardai in Donegal Town have ruled out any suspicious circumstances surrounding an old caravan which was discovered burnt out in upper main street, in the town this morning.
The discovery was made by Donegal gardai at approximately 5.30am.

No one was inside the caravan at the time and it is understood to have been in disuse for some time.

Anyone know if this was this behind someones house or up by the old halting site?

And if your driving on a Provisional License, the laws are changing:
Learner drivers across the North West will be subject to a new 'drive-alone' ban which will come into force at midnight next Monday.

More here at the RTÉ:

So be careful when your spinning through the Gap!

Barnes Reflections

Thursday, October 25, 2007

More News!

Very serious robbery in Castlefin, scary indeed:
"I just don't understand these people," he said. "We have a massive problem in Castlefin because we are in such close proximity to the border and apparently this gang have robbed filling stations and terrorised other people in the past.

"Fortunately at the moment we have a Sergeant in Castlefin who is dedicated to solving these problems. But if the people don't get behind him, then we are wasting our time."

"There were two other guys there, one of them with an iron bar. He went to hit me with the iron bar so I just got stuck into them. I got the better of them and they legged it."

"I wouldn't have been able to manage without the dog. I also have my partner who assisted as well," he said. "This guy put my partner to the floor and put the gun to her head and said I'm going to shoot her.

"He ran towards me, and when he was a couple of metres away he pulled the trigger and lucky enough the gun didn't go off. I got stuck into him and he wasn't so smart when he was sitting on his back-side on his floor. When I pulled the mask off and I looked at his face - the look of fear on his face, he thought he was going to die."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Money for roads around Clar:
Minister for Health Promotion & Food Safety Pat the Cope Gallagher, has confirmed that his colleague Minister Eamon O'Cuiv has approved €500,000 for improvements to Local Improvement Scheme roads in Clar areas of County Donegal. This brings the total funding to just over four million euro.
Local Improvement Schemes are non-county roads often leading to houses and farms however, there must be one landowner on such roads and the road must be open to the public ...

Huge operation to rescue Japanese fisherman injured on a fishing trawler:
The Malin Coastguard co-ordinated one of the longest ever rescue operations over the weekend, after a Japanese fisherman was seriously injured on board a vessel of the North West coast of Donegal.

Many people in Donegal may be getting too much fluoride in their drinking water:
7 out of 10 people who were tested in 3 different areas of Co. Donegal where the water supply is fluoridated, showed fluoride levels which were above the safe intake level, according to guidelines issued by the UK Food Standard Authority.
“Of the 32 subjects who volunteered, only nine tested within a safe intake” said Dr Rynne. “This confirms the suspicion that the fluoridation of Irish drinking water is the major contributor to fluoride over-exposure. Several subjects are many times over the stated safe intake.”

However, 32 is a small statistical sample and could be incorrect, to get a real accurate sampling more people would have to be tested. But too much fluoride is bad for you and can cause fluorosis and it would be relatively easy for the County Council to verify that the water supply isn't delivering too much fluoride.

The County Council are concerned about cut-backs at the Sligo General Hospital:

I guess the big surfing contest was just on at Rossnowlagh:
Anyone got any pics they'd like me to post?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More from Pavesi!

Video's and pics from our favourite band of the year! ;)

And a great painting of the band by Johnny McCabe (drummer & artist):

Monday, October 15, 2007

Zack at Creevy!

Zack & Paul cooking skills are highlighted in the Irish Independent (Sept 2007). The Mammy send me out the page which I scanned for your pleasure! ;)

Click on the picture below to see it full size.

Zack & Paul are the fine chefs at the Heron's Cove in Creevy, near Rossnowlagh. I'm thinking after the disaster of seafood plate I had a hotel in the center of town a few years ago (everything tasted like it was badly defrosted) I think I'll be going to visit Zack at Creevy next time I'm home.

Page above is probably copyrighted by the Irish Independent.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's OK to drink the water (at least probably it is for now):
The Environmental Protection Agency says there are no major issues with water quality in Donegal. The agency published a national report today saying that while the water quality in lakes and rivers has improved, progress, too many groundwater samples are polluted with faecal coliforms (in the rest of Ireland).

Donegal is one of the few counties in the Republic with an increasing squirrel population. But, you'll have to go up North of the county to see them:
The number of red squirrels in Donegal continues to increase unlike some counties where the species has been wiped-out, according to a report released this week.
The increase could be due to the county's proximity to Northern Ireland where experts say the coniferous habitat is more suitable for the species to live.

Red Hugh...The Pier Donegal Town

Thursday, October 11, 2007

More from Fintan's Stag

Video Clip from Fintan's stag in Frankfurt

Thanks to Colm Lennon for video clip

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Bennet Construction are able to keep their planning permission for their site out by the Council Office. But, it doesn't mean they're going to build out there, yet! And in the last Donegal Times I read I thought it said that Bennett wasn't going to build there as it suitable for a good town plan (being to far from the town center).
Planning permission has been granted to Bennett Construction for the retention of altered site gradients at a site located at Drumlonagher in Donegal Town. ... The appeal to the planning board was lodged by Keeney Construction based on a presence of pearl mussels in the Eske River.

The planning board’s decision, has been welcomed by the developer, who has two other planning applications currently lodged with Donegal County Council for other sites in Donegal Town.

Annual's of the Four Masters:
A hugely influential chronicle of Irish history credited with helping to shape the modern nation went on full display today for the first time in almost four centuries.

The Annals of the Four Masters, a massive body of work charting the country from ancient times to the 17th century, have not been brought together since the 1630s.

Greyhound doping at Lifford Track:
More than half of all doping offences highlighted in the report were committed by people in Northern Ireland.

And another lethal car accident, this time up by Letterkenny:

And roadworks are unable to commence because the County Council does not have enough engineers:
Almost one million euro in funding allocated to the N56 is in jeopardy because of a shortage of engineers in Donegal County Council according to a former Senator.

Clr Enda Bonner said with the exception of stretches of road between Donegal Town and Mountcharles and in the vicinity of Letterkenny, most of the N56 serves very rural areas of the county.

He said that €900,000 has been provided for a stretch of road between Leitirmacaward and Dungloe but a shortage of engineering manpower means work is set to stop...

Fintan's Stag Frankfurt 28th 29th & 30th Sept 2007

1. The Last Supper: Zack, Brendan, Colm, Mark, Shane, Fintan, Gordon, Ciaran, Gerry, Damien.
2. Oomp Papa
3. Fintan - The Stag
4. Fintan & Zack
5. The band "Serial Twin" Ciaran, Fintan, Damien.


A couple of older articles I thought you'd be interested in
New test driving centres for Donegal Town & Sligo:

Bogus charity collectors driving real charity collectors out of business:

Raimondas Biguzas, of Intersecond Ltd, was speaking after a bogus collection took place in Ballybofey on Tuesday by persons using his company's name. He said bogus clothes collections in Ireland and Britain have almost bankrupt them.

"We don't collect in Donegal. Collections were stopped in Britain because it almost bankrupt us. Illegal collector's used our name and steal all donations. After them, response to our stickers is too poor," Mr Biguzas explained.

Dishonest collectors have been regularly dropping leaflets in Letterkenny and Ballybofey areas. Leaflets were posted through letterboxes asking for donations of clothing, bed linen and footwear.

View of the Diamond

Donegal Town
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bad car accident

On the Donegal to Balleybofey road (on the other side of the gap):
Gardaí have named the man killed in a car crash in Co Donegal in the early hours of this morning. 19-year-old Michael Flanagan from Cashelnavean, Ballybofey died when his car hit a vacant house shortly after 3am. The incident happened on the main Ballybofey to Donegal Town Road.... The road between Donegal and Ballybofey is closed and is not expected to reopen before 1pm this afternoon.

More at the following pages:
Meanwhile, dense fog throughout the country has lead to very poor driving conditions. Motorists are being urged to reduce their speed and use their fog lights in severe fog and dipped headlights in all other cases. They're also being reminded to turn off their fog lights as soon as the fog lifts and visibility improves.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Donegal Town from the Old Abbey

A reminder of how the quay used to look.

Friday, September 28, 2007


And some more videos from Pavesi; Duck Gallagher (vocals), Ronan Hanna (Guitar), Peter Lawne (Bass Guitar), Johnny Mc Cabe (Drums).

In case you didn't know the Bosco Center used to be a dance hall years ago. Van Morrison even played there once. But it's limelight was probably in the 1960's and 70's. But, once long ago a band played there, to arise again in the 21st century ...

PAVESI are the named after a ballroom in Donegal Town, Donegal, Ireland where Ronan, Duck and Peter first played in a school band together in 1983. Roll on 24 years and after living in different countries pursuing different carrers found themselves back at home and what we have now is the result!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Bio-fuel plant for Raphoe, will use rapeseed to create fuel:
An Bord Pleanala has given the go ahead for a 1.2 million euro development in Raphoe which will produce bio-fuel from rape seed ... The Company now plans to buy oil seed rape from farmers on both sides of the border and sell the fuel to local transport fleet owners.

Update on alleged sexual assualt:

Donegal has a lot of drunk diving arrests, Inishowen is looking better public transport:
We are the only county in Ireland without public transport - yet we have witnessed a massive 571 drink-driving arrests on our roads between January and July this year. That is why Inishowen needs a proper bus service ... The plan is for a post pub and night club service - which could be split into two or three runs - to cover a number of geographical areas, including: Carndonagh, Buncrana, Moville, Malin, Muff, Greencastle, Redcastle, Culdaff, Clonmany, Ballyliffin, and Quigley’s Point.
I think that's a great idea!


IDA critisied:
The IDA has come in for scathing criticism today over it's failure to attract any companies to a ten acre site in Ballyshannon. Clr Barry O'Neill said the IDA has now admitted that it is to turn it's attention to gateway towns such as Letterkenny and Sligo.

Dubliners encouraged to move to Donegal?
A recruitment drive is underway in Dublin to encourage people living and working in the capital to consider relocating to Donegal. The jobs and enterprise Expo at the Davenport Hotel is part of the Western Development Commission's ongoing "Look West," campaign.

Criminals from Derry coming across the border to commit crime:
In the latest incident, a Garda station at Carrigans was burgled on Saturday with thieves making off with standard issue uniforms. On the same day there was a botched robbery at Lifford when an armed robber threatened an arcade worker with a gun.

22 year old held for sexual assault of a school girl walking home from school!
The victim was walking home from school on Friday when the incident is alleged to have occurred at Upper Main Street between half past three and half past four in the afternoon.

And Donegal Creameries is doing well:

Now you can fly from Donegal to Rotterdam:
And it could generate over €5million for the local economy from tourists:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Olympic Flame

Olympic Flame, for the Special Olympics, in Donegal Town:

Thanks to summerdreamn for the pic.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run begins in Donegal on September 23 and ends in Dublin on September 26. It will pass through Strabane, Coleraine, Newry, Banbridge, Omagh, Portadown in addtion to Newtownabbey.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ye Gods! Just what have they do to the Quay?

A modern Austrian Count, direct descendant of the great warlord Aodh Rua O’Donnell, has castigated the way the old Abbey, where O’Donnell is buried, is being desecrated by modern materialism.

His exclusive comments followed the unveiling of a life size bronze sculpture of Aodh Rua 1st at the pier in Donegal Town.

I don't know if I'd call it "modern materialism", but I'd call it bad design and planning. But I'd agree with all of this:

“This is a threatening thing for this Abbey. For me, this is respectless. It could have been done in a more decent way. It could be lower; it could be anywhere, but not here.
“If you go into the friary, there is rubbish all over and there should be excavations because he (Aodh Rua 1st) is buried here. And I feel that this is a shame.
“Now that the wealth has come, something should be done to ensure the Abbey is preserved in a proper way.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Bad car accident between Donegal Town and Ballybofey:
One man who is in his thirties and another who is approximately 60 years old were removed to hospital following the crash at Friar's Bush between Ballybofey and Donegal Town at 10 o'clock yesterday morning.

The younger victim is from Letterkenny while the older man was travelling with his wife who escaped uninjured. They are from the North of Ireland.

A pile of money (350 million euro)for sewerage treatment in Co. Donegal. Do you think they'll fix the mess they've made at the quay?
The Ballyshannon water supply scheme is to start next year at a cost of twenty million euro as will a design build and operate contract for Bundoran, Glencolmcille and Killybegs which is costed at 30 million euro.

The Killybegs water supply scheme specifically for sludge handling will also begin in 2008 with €680,000 allocated to this project.

The network for the Killybegs sewerage scheme is scheduled to begin in 2009 with a similar scheme in Laghey also to commence.

Other projects to advance through planning which are mentioned include Dunkineely, Frosses, Mountcharles, Inver and Kilcar.

More here, with a full list of where the money is to be spent:
A six billion-euro investment programme's been announced to update and preserve Ireland's water supply.

Conservation and anti-pollution measures form the basis of the project which is designed to protect and preserve drinking water as well as rivers, lakes and estuaries.

Now does anyone have any pics they'd like to send to us to post? :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

DJ. Seamie Breslin's 30 Licks...

  1. Seamie Breslin home from Sanfrancisco celebrating his 30th with friends

1. The man himself2. Caroline Clerkin & Seamie 3.His brotherVinnyBreslin home from New Jersey , Paul Mullin,sister CathyBreslin and Vinnie's wife Catch. 3 his other sister Patrina & Himself. 4 Him self and Greg Gorman and Cathey. 5 Living legend Peter Cannon .6 Greg and Peter who made alot of noise in there time. 7 Patrina & Vinnie. 8 The D J cake, nice touch by Gerldine Mullin.9 Ger,Cathey, Marita & Patrina. It was wile craic.

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