Wednesday, December 20, 2006


RTE news video from the last day at the Hospira Plant, formerly Abbots, just outside Donegal Town:
Requires Realplayer to view.

A lot of Donegal people shopping in Derry:
Not surprising, plus ye can stop for a cheap drink and a cigarette in a pub while your there! ;)

Donegal solicitors call for appointment of another Judge to help police the county, currently there is only one judge for the whole county:

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Mick T. said...

Tis sad to see Hospira go. On the bright side Abbots is supposed to be moving back in to the plant (Hospira is a spin-off from the old Abbots), but they're only supposed to be employing about 150. And the jobs will (or may) require skills and education that the now former Hospira staff don't have.

Which may mean; 150 new jobs but not hired locally, and 565 people locally laid off. The new shopping center will help, but I wonder how many of the former hospira staff will want to work there as unskilled labour as opposed to semi-skilled labour?

Any thoughts on this?