Sunday, December 10, 2006

News, updated & rants ;)

A wee bit of news to keep ye going. I'll clean-up this posting and add some news to it later on Sunday:

"Mini-riot" on Diamond, calls for new Gardi station:
The chairperson of Donegal Town Community Chamber has today called for a new Garda station to be provided for the town following a weekend brawl which involved up to 50 people.

I don't see the connection between a mini-riot and needing a new Garda station? I do see the need for more Gardi when there are a few thousand drunk people vomited out of the local disco on a Saturday night.

Most of these incidents are caused by too much drink! And we see the same type of thing happening every year or. I also think that the places responsible for serving people so much drink that they're so scrap-happy need to be held partially responsible; it will stop establishments serving from serving people till their falling down drunk and causing trouble. Imagine if one these discos lost their license for a month, do ye think they'd be 50 drunks on the Diamond scrapping again? (I don't want to mention anywhere by name in case some fecker decides to do the blog for slander, I'm serious!)

Shortly after the pics Raz posted were taken, the Xmas lights were friggin' vandalised:

Not sure to be upset or laugh at it?

Dublin decentralisation planning permission problems, caused by fighting builder?
Concern has been expressed today that moves to bring 250 decentralised jobs to Donegal Town could be put in jeopardy following an objection to development at the proposed site in Drumlonagher.

Seems Keeney Construction is objecting to the development of the offices or facilities which is to be done by Bennet Construction. I also heard, and it might not be true, that Keeney Construction is objecting to (Michael) Kelly Construction's plans for a shopping center and stuff behind the car park.

Based on how these builders have been dueling for this "mixed use facility" for years, they must expect there to be a huge demand & return on whatever is build. So if the return is so huge and if the impact may be so big why oh why are we leaving this decision mainly to people whose main interest is profit? Why can't the town & council partner with a developer and get something that will benefit us all; profit for the builder, jobs for the town, and a center the whole area can be proud of.

With the closure of Hospira and Magee's Manufacturing there is going to be some serious pressure to get something quickly build to generate jobs; but if the town picks rashly ... too far from the center and the town center dies, to close to the by-passes and the bypass is clogged with traffic, an architect with poor taste and the thing looks dated and bland in a few years, not enough parking ... the list goes on.

The Town & the County authorities could decide where they want development, decide how they want it, zone the land for the use then accept the best plan. What I think is needed; is something close to the existing town center, with easy car access, plenty of parking, and it needs to be something that won't look dated, ugly, and bland in 10 years. And, we need something more than a shopping center to replace the manufacturing jobs that have been lost; we need more manufacturing or techie jobs. There needs to be pressure put on Eircom to supply more bandwidth to the broadband for the whole county so more high-tech jobs can consider the area; and broadband costs need to decrease. The more jobs created that generate good for export the more overall money will be pumped into the local economy ... ok sorry I'll get off me high horse and stop ranting ... let me know if you appreciate the rants or not also please comment and share your thoughts and opinions and news!

Yoo-hoo, the bypass of Ballybofey will be a dual-carriageway:
Boo-hoo, it will cost over €100 million for just under 16K of roads. Too bad no-one in Government never thought to build all these roads in the 1980's; it would have been cheaper, and created a sh*t-load of employment. Yeah, sure they would have had to borrow to pay for it all. But, decent modern infra-structure does pay off, just think how much more quickly and cheaply goods from Donegal can make it to the rest of the country or to Europe with decent dual-carriageways! Plus, all us wans away from home could get home quicker when we land at the airport!

And a wee pic of Lough Eske for ye:

Lough Eske

And some pics of 2006's Saint Patrick's Day Parade:

I posted this all in a bit of a rush, and didn't have much of a chance to check me grandma & spelling ;)

Make sure U scroll down this page to see the pics of the lights on the Diamond that Raz posted.


Mick T. said...

For some reason blogger's spell-checker wouldn't work when I was posting the blog.

Mick T. said...

Forgot to add this!

A motorway from Donegal to Dublin is in the pipeline according to Agriculture Mininster Mary Coughlan.

She says that a motorway is needed to counter the lack of rail facilities here in the Northwest and that the important step of the Cabinet agreeing with the princepal has been achieved.

Rail? Who uses rail it's too bloody dear, unless your hauling freight which is maybe what she means. So a decent road from the North-West would be great. Even at the moment if you drive to Dublin via Sligo there are some superb roads on the route. Once they get a complete 2-lane road connecting the North-West all the way to Dublin you could make it from Donegal Town to Dublin in 2.5 hours or even less ...ack I'm sure ye's are all sick of me harping on about roads and shopping centers ... I tell ye this I can't wait for Santa! :P

Anonymous said...

Yet another entertaining post. In reply to the riot, bring back the stocks i say. What a day out that would be! There would be no waste, as all the stuff destined for the bin would be hoarded for to pelt the "gurriers" who decide to cause havoc in the area. I could bet after the shame of it all, ther would not be a repeat of the same offence and its Green ! envoirmently friendly. I vote for it ! think of the tourist attraction it would be. Carl

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of Lough Eske. Roll on Christmas, as I intend to walk on "those ther hills". Cant wait for to taste that air! mighty blog xx angie

Mick T. said...

send us some photos if you do angie!