Tuesday, December 19, 2006

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Council gives green light for €100million Donegal development:

So Keeney gets the go ahead to build where Magees factory is. But, I ask you this, €100,000,000, is this serious, this is a town of a few thousand people and they're going to build a development that's going to cost €100,000,000?

"Developer, Danny Keeney has indicated that the development will cost in the region of €100million and could employ up to 1,000 people."

That sound more like the cost of some huge development in a big city. Has land in Donegal, & the rest of Ireland, gotten so expensive? Have labour costs gotten so high? My only worry is that if this development is so huge and expensive it could change change the character of the town irrevocably.

On the other hand:

"It is believed that Tesco Ireland is the anchor tenant for the development which includes fifteen retail units, 250 residential units, office accomodation and carparking for 950 cars."

One BIG shop and only 15 other ones for €100million, sounds like a lot of someone's money to me. Works out to almost €178,591 per job lost at Hospira. (That's 100,000,000/560, 560 is the number of people who worked at Hospira: http://www.rte.ie/business/2005/0823/jobs.html).
Sounds to me like the town could get a lot more manufacturing jobs for that kind of money, instead of a lot of folk sitting at cash registers.

Appeal against Donegal Town Dunnes upheld, this was a competing plan to have a shopping center out opposite Micky Mac's:
The application, which had the potential to create more than 200 jobs during the construction phase, was refused planning on the grounds of its distance from the town centre and its potential to create what the board called, "serious traffic congestion."

Problem is that it could have caused traffic to back-up onto the roundabout and maybe overflow onto the by-pass, plus it's a wee ways from the town center and could have killed off the shops on Main street & the Diamond.

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