Sunday, October 29, 2006


Promoting Donegal in NYC:

Jim White to run for FG?

Sex in the classroom:
2 kids caught performing sex act in a classroom in Finn Valley??

And on that note, let's just leave you all with a nice wee pic that I took down by the Mountcharles shore:

Mountcharles Shore Panorama


Anonymous said...

This is a moody shot of Mountcharles, "Winter I guess". I can feel the cold from here ! Any blue skies? That would be the order of the day, to cheer us all up. It is a nice photo, but it fails to show what this beautiful area this is when basked in sunshine.I love all the photos submitted & I hope not to offend the photographer, as it is just a constructive comment. P.Burke

Mick T. said...

It was taken JUly 27, 2005! Yeah, it does look gray, but it was a one of those nice warm days and the light was really soft. If you look closely U can see 3 lads out on a boat in the middle of the pic.

When I got up to the big pier there were this couple monkeying about:

JeannieT said...

Hi Im MTs sister and I was with him on the day he took the photo and I took some photos myself. So I can verify it It was a summer day and there was a couple frolicking about in the water taking romantic photographs there.See the link for the romantic couple above.(oops I just checked the link and found its not working)