Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A bit light on the news this week.

Speed Cameras
Location of Speed Cameras in Inishowen:

I know folk are upset about all the accidents on the roads, but it's not all due to people speeding. It's due to people driving like eejits, and taking risks with their own lives and the lives of others on the roads. I think the Gardi should be concentrating on dangerous aggressive drivers.

Shake-up of the planning system?

And here's a wee pic for ya, taken by meself, cars out by Barnes Gap a well known speeding spot:

Barnes Reflections

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Anonymous said...

This should be called Speed Trap Alley.. The Garda have a constant watch on this road... in fact every new stretch of good road that is developed is nearly at crawl level.. due to speed restrictions.I can see the need for regulation, but I believe there is only 1% tolerance over the current speed limit. People want to make some progress, especially on a long journey. I personally believe that the limit should be raised & that instead of single lane traffic that dual carriageways should be a part of the new infrastructure. this would prevent frustrated drivers being stuck behind "five miles a fortnight" brigade & taking unnecessary chances.European legalisation had stated that all road sections monitored by speed cameras or speed traps had to be clearly visible as a monitored area, thus many people who were convicted in the U.K. had convictions quashed under this new ruling.. and all cameras are clearly marked. Raise the Limit !! Hey nice pic by the way.