Monday, October 02, 2006

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...first year in 1981,Abbey Vocational school

Hi there Raymondo
How's the form?? Have a wee notice for the web site, our (Abbey Vocational School) 20 year school reunion is planned for Friday 29th December 06 in Doms Pier One at 9.30pm. This applies to anyone who was in first year in 1981, did their leaving cert in 1986 and anyone who attended and maybe left early in between these dates. There will be an 80s disco and food served all for the great price of €15 per person, all partners welcome.
This email address can be used for anyone who wants to contact me but be sure to put Siobhan (Meehan) Coughlan otherwise not a one will know who it is!!
Be sure now and give it a good old plug for us on the Donegal Friends site and we'll tell all on the night to check out the site too.
Ta very much


Contact for more info: Siobhan Coughlan(Meehan)


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Mick T. said...

So whose going?