Sunday, October 29, 2006


Promoting Donegal in NYC:

Jim White to run for FG?

Sex in the classroom:
2 kids caught performing sex act in a classroom in Finn Valley??

And on that note, let's just leave you all with a nice wee pic that I took down by the Mountcharles shore:

Mountcharles Shore Panorama

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A mystical morning coming through "The Gap"..
Photos courtsey Sinead Gogarty

Returning to Ireland, heading for home & it's as if nature welcomes you. A beautiful morning, low lying mist, the clouds clearing to blue sky... the start of "The wedding fest", a brillant week of celebration & the weather to go with it...
More photos to follow.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ricky's New Ride..

I will get myself in Deep Water..but here is a sneek preview at Rickardos new ride..soon to launch & brighten the waterways, along with all the other fine craft already working the Bay... I hope the invite is in the post for the launch...any excuse for a session.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Wedding..Fest...

Just a few shots of the wedding of Brian Cannon & Cindi Cannon(nee Graham), which was just excellent!! We await more photos of the awesome event.. so people you know who you are, please get posting...

It can only be described as "A Wedding Fest".. three days of partying, great music & great "Craic".. thanks to Greg Gorman for these.

The vows & the first dance

The First Argument? ;)

Let the music begin & the mad drummer commence ...

Peter Cannon (Lead Guitar)
Brian Cannon ( The Groom.. on Drums)
Zack the Bass Gallagher ...
What are they called... Who cares..
How's about "pbzzzsss" ... suggestions welcome

Salaute ... The Guys toast to the newly weds, while their still able, Rickardo, Johnny, Greg, Raz & Ciaran Mc..Drink! Drink! more Fecking Drink! Now!

The Early Hours ... around 5.30am & the party still goes on.. Charlie Cannon listens with pride to Paula, his daughter as she sings. All the clan are gifted with music in their souls..& all performed, but our cameraman failed to last the test of time..

More Photos Please ...


A bit light on the news this week.

Speed Cameras
Location of Speed Cameras in Inishowen:

I know folk are upset about all the accidents on the roads, but it's not all due to people speeding. It's due to people driving like eejits, and taking risks with their own lives and the lives of others on the roads. I think the Gardi should be concentrating on dangerous aggressive drivers.

Shake-up of the planning system?

And here's a wee pic for ya, taken by meself, cars out by Barnes Gap a well known speeding spot:

Barnes Reflections

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just a thought.....

Just a reminder...

Hi All, If all of you Donegal people our families & friends, were to post what photos you may have, either past or present, it may make an intresting archive. Everything is exceptable, the funniest, maddest posed or spur of the moment shots, that will express the individuals character. All Family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, schools, pubs, clubs, pets, homes, whatever!! this is just a casual let your hair down off the cuff photo album. If you feel that you have a connection in any way... Go for it! The year, a title & some info., a story just to get the jist of "what's what"....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...first year in 1981,Abbey Vocational school

Hi there Raymondo
How's the form?? Have a wee notice for the web site, our (Abbey Vocational School) 20 year school reunion is planned for Friday 29th December 06 in Doms Pier One at 9.30pm. This applies to anyone who was in first year in 1981, did their leaving cert in 1986 and anyone who attended and maybe left early in between these dates. There will be an 80s disco and food served all for the great price of €15 per person, all partners welcome.
This email address can be used for anyone who wants to contact me but be sure to put Siobhan (Meehan) Coughlan otherwise not a one will know who it is!!
Be sure now and give it a good old plug for us on the Donegal Friends site and we'll tell all on the night to check out the site too.
Ta very much


Contact for more info: Siobhan Coughlan(Meehan)


Sunday, October 01, 2006

News: Oct 1st 2006

Hiya all, it's been a while since I've done a news post. I've been away home on holidays for two weeks and been too busy to get a decent post written. But, here's some of the news stories from the past month or so:

Stories about the traveller development at Drimark:

Councillors reject Donegal Town traveller development Sep 26, 5:17 pm

Council to sell controversial Drimark site Sep 27, 5:21 pm

Donegal Town needs a theater for plays? Maybe we need a arts center, but I wonder if a dedicated theater would be self-funding?

Donegal Town crying out for dedicated theatre - claim Sep 25, 5:50 pm

Building, building, building:

Planning applications to reach record high in Donegal Sep 21, 5:27 pm

Looks like there are a lot of unwanted dogs in Donegal:

"County veterinary inspector, Frank McRory, said almost half the dogs at the shelter are handed in by members of the public which is a sad reflection on dog owners. "

997 unwanted dogs put down in Donegal - 2005 Sep 14, 5:15 pm

Almost a thousand dogs put down in Donegal in 2005 Sep 13, 11:38 am

Donegal architects develop plans to hide holiday homes when not in use:
· Houses can sink into ground when not in use
· Fears over environmental impact of building boom

Vanishing trick for Ireland's second homes.

A dual carriageway all the way to Dublin would mean a 2.5 or 3 hour drive!

"... in spite of Ireland's prosperity, many border regions such as the North West have been left behind. "

EU Commissioner backs Donegal to Dublin motorway calls Sep 05, 3:08 pm

Sinn Fein continue Donegal/Dublin motorway campaign Sep 04, 5:46 pm

Is broadband good or bad in the county?

Regional broadband scheme comprised of 70k of fibre optics Sep 12, 5:44 pm

Broadband in Donegal a "total disgrace" - ISME chief Sep 26, 5:05 pm

(ISME is the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association.)