Wednesday, September 27, 2006

1st Year's Boys: 1980?

Blast from the past! Boys 1a, 1b, 1c, & 1d!

I was out at Zack's house and he had a lovely framed copy of this that Nuala got for him and had framed. I took a photograph of this and I hope Zack doesn't mind me posting it here!

If you'd like a full sized copy I can e-mail it to you.
Update: Zoomed in version:
1st Year 1979 at the AVS


Anonymous said...

Hows it o great one.. testing your comments section... & just a reminder ref., request for a clearer pic of your class group.. I hope this will register this time,
regards raz

Anonymous said...

Aha... now working! Great

Mick T. said...

I think this might actually be 1979? Anyone remember?

Have look at this one, it's a bit more detail but it doesn't show everyone:


taung said...

I would guess the photo was taken in 1980 as it was done for the school magazine and that usally appeared late in the academic year.

A great photo to have, brought back a lot of memories.

Would you have a scanned version of this photo you could share?

Mick T. said...

Sorry no scanned version. I took a pic of this at a friends house who had a copy framed.