Friday, August 11, 2006

News: Aug 13th


Can you believe this: 3 arrested for 3 separate sexual assaults in the West of the County:
And one of the victims had to be brought to Dublin for treatment!
And Lough Derg is getting popular with the Celtic Tiger generation:
I guess there's always good and bad in the news.

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Mick T. said...

Not much news this week, but I came across this:

Donegal pool shut in Legionnaire's inquiry:

"The Carlton Red Castle Hotel near Moville said that levels of the water-borne Legionella bacteria were discovered in the pool after the Health Service Executive opened an investigation into a case of the disease involving a man who visited the hotel in June."

Anonymous said...

Ahh you used my photo of St Johns Point!! Nice one !!
Jeannie T

Anonymous said...

I can except thoes going to lough Derg for the spiritual aspect of life but as for the individual escaping the fast paced Celtic Tiger...Have they heard of holiday! I can think of several places to go other than Lough Derg !!! unless of course your into SM. I supose I should'nt knock it unless I've tried it...
"Lough Derg" that is!