Friday, August 25, 2006

Father & Son ..(Laghy) Gormans

young Greg Gorman along with his Da Tom Gorman (RIP) out for the session at cousin Michelle Doherty's wedding. Tom was properitor of the Seven arches pub in Laghy which was in the family for three generations, over 60 years. A popular publican & a respected man, who loved the banter & craic that went on in his pub. He was well known for his singing abillity & would entertain sometimes with his favourite song"The Homes Of Donegal", ( this must be where the mad drummer son got the gift) I have to mention that I had the pleasure of hearing Greg sing at the opening of the Gallery in Hendon, & he has a great voice! Seriously.. great voice! Please write your thank you on the back of a twenty quid Mr.G.. Posted by Picasa

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