Monday, August 28, 2006

True Friends....

hen I think of friends, "true friends", these guys come to mind! I have spent many great years in London with both Enda & Siobhan Coughlan. I can most definitely place both on my family list, "they are family". They exceed in all qualitys, warm, loyal, honest, genuine salt of the earth people & the wildest Craic you can ever imagine. When working our own buisness in the satellite industry, the occasion would arise for to go the extra mile in getting a dish mounted in the most dangerous locations. Our Enda would have no fear! scary like... I can recall on such install where the dish had to be mounted on a gable wall six stories up, which no ladder would reach & himself sailed accross the ridge tiles, dish in hand, the drill in the other, says to me to hang on to his legs as he pushed himself over the chimney breast. The fear of God was in me as he kept pushing over the edge, untl I was only holding him by the ankles.. I'm not joking ! I had my hands so tightly gripped on him that his ankles were bruised with the imprints of my fingers. I used every curse word invented until I retrieved the little F**k*r back. He is one really great guy, for whom I have the higest regard & as for the beautiful Siobhan, he is blessed, when God made her he broke the mould. To two of the finest people I know, I'm privlidged to know & have your friendship. Long live the days of Visual experience & Skytech, without which the friendship may have never blossomed. Thank you. Raz x

PS. I hope that you will not mind me publishing this pic... bit late now then!
& I want more pictures please.. OK !

Friday, August 25, 2006

Father & Son ..(Laghy) Gormans

young Greg Gorman along with his Da Tom Gorman (RIP) out for the session at cousin Michelle Doherty's wedding. Tom was properitor of the Seven arches pub in Laghy which was in the family for three generations, over 60 years. A popular publican & a respected man, who loved the banter & craic that went on in his pub. He was well known for his singing abillity & would entertain sometimes with his favourite song"The Homes Of Donegal", ( this must be where the mad drummer son got the gift) I have to mention that I had the pleasure of hearing Greg sing at the opening of the Gallery in Hendon, & he has a great voice! Seriously.. great voice! Please write your thank you on the back of a twenty quid Mr.G.. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


A quick news posting for ye all. I'm heading for the plane to Dublin this evening and will down home on Thursday 7th Sept. If you see me say hello! ;)

Two men arrested in Donegal Town in seperate incidents over the weekend remain in custody today.

Killybegs jobs in jeopardy due to objection
A Killybegs businessman has today said ten new jobs in the area will probably not materialise as a result of a planning objection.

McGettigan content to remain independent
The chairperson of Donegal Town Community Chamber has said he has no immediate plans to join a political party.

Gardai probe Donegal Town theft
Gardai in Donegal Town are appealing for the assistance of the public following a theft at a business premises on the Killybegs road yesterday evening.

Donegal's new tourism centre to be complete in mid '07
A new tourism centre in Donegal Town is expected to be complete by the middle of next year's season.

Hollywood star fractures collar bone in Donegal fall
Hollywood Actor Mathew Broderick was treated for an injury at Sligo General Hospital last evening.

What do you expect when ye stay in the wilds of Kilcar! ;) Fair to Mathew B. I read a nice interview with him where he was praising Donegal.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Montys Rockers & trend setters... revisited

Denis the menance, & Cool Pat & Michael Gallagher The Meanace ... that's Denis

Top Section L/R:
  1. Leo & Frank O'Hare (formerly unknown:)
  2. Denis the meanace, brothers Cool Pat & Micheal Gallagher.
  3. The Meanace ... that's Denis.
  4. Cool Pat & no intro required.
Having gone to school with some of these guys was great, as school life was never dull.. alway's a good laugh & alway's something happening. Today not much has changed I still meet up with the odd hellraiser from "yester year" from time to time & share in all the recent happenings.... so if you know any of the crew pictured in this, take note they are all live wires & all would have some stories to tell.... the trend setters of their time, Beer drinking, Bike riding, Head banging rockers.. who were all pretty cool.. Denis Gorman & Leo would have been a major influence on the music tastes of many in Donegal of that time. So next time you sit in the chair havin' your ears lowered by himself, think to yourself Head banger!!

Lower section L/R:
  1. It's not Toyha.. But Geraldine mcCauley.
  2. Matching duo ... Leo & Geraldine.
  3. Brothers in arms, Denis & Leo.
  4. And then their were 4.. Jess, (Gerard Gallagher) Greg, "The shorts"Gorman, Mr. D. Meanace, Terrance McDermott.
  5. The mad Green motor reflects the nature of it's passangers..Cool Pat & Hitler(Micheal Griffin)
  6. Brazzie (John Breslin), Leo & C.P.
  7. On Best Behaviour..Alki (Gerry Gorman) Table pose.. Dont be fooled!
  8. Combats are in.. Leo fashion Tip.
  9. Terrance, (Unknown)??, Greg, Brazzie, Pat.
Geraldine McCauley Matching duo ... Leo & Geraldine. Brothers in arms, Denis & Leo.

The mad Green motor reflects the nature of it's passangers..Cool Pat & Hitler(Micheal Griffin)
Brazzie (John Breslin), Leo & C.P. Jess, (Gerard Gallagher) Greg,

Combats are in.. Leo fashion Tip
Alki (Gerry Gorman Terrance, Unknown?, Greg, Brazzie, Pat.

The Boss of the Gorman Crew..

Mr. Micheal Gorman (RIP)
In his days of youth...
In later years the much loved Dad to :
Gerard, Leo, Denis, Micheal, Marie & Ena Gorman (Montcharles)

Manys a haircut was received while sitting on the adults chair, adapted with a board to accomadate the youth of Donegal. It was all the fashion to have long hair at the time, but by the completion of getting your ears lowered you would resemble a scaldy... with your prized locks lying on the floor below! He would say: "Sure don't worry, it will grow back" Take note that Denis, Leo & Co., didn't suffer the same fate, judging by their hair styles....

Friday, August 11, 2006

News: Aug 13th


Can you believe this: 3 arrested for 3 separate sexual assaults in the West of the County:
And one of the victims had to be brought to Dublin for treatment!
And Lough Derg is getting popular with the Celtic Tiger generation:
I guess there's always good and bad in the news.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

News: Aug 6th

Not much news this week, so here's a pic for ye too!

Sunset at the Backstrands

Feck it! Donegal 1-10 1-11 Cork:

Former Coronation Street star, Johnny Briggs has paid tribute to the work being done by the Alzheimers Society of Ireland in Donegal Town.

Funding of just over €2million has been allocated to Donegal County Council today for the upgrading of non-national roads.