Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Right tis time for more pics! Been too busy at work. Maybe I'll dreg up some news for the weekend too! ;) Click on the pics for a bigger view, hover your mouse over each pic for the title:

The Thatch Pub, Ballyshannon Welcome to the Germans The Revs from Co. Donegal
Rory Gallgher Festival in Ballyshannon

And someone's Hen Party in Donegal Town! ;)


Razmondo said...

Excellent pics mickt, just trying the comments to see all is ok now, watch out for new pics, some familar faces amongst the crew... regards raz

Anonymous said...

should be now sorted>test regards raz

Mick T. said...

BTW, The Revs are from Kilcar:


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, I'm trying to start something similar...http://donegaltown.blogsome.com/


Mick T. said...

Raz, you should put a link to Zeuner on the Links section. Zeuener has one on his blog to here.