Thursday, July 27, 2006

Freewheelin' Franklin...


Click on Pic for bigger sizeWe all lived in hope for the reformation of "Freewheelin' Franklin", entertainers like no other, they could always get the crowd rocking great music with major craic & banter with all the fans. Sadly lead singer Vincent Coughlan (RIP) is no longer with us.. but his spirit lives on throughout his family & friends. L/R. Paul Coughlan on keyboards, Greg Gorman on drums, Lead singer Vincent Coughlan, Peter Cannon, lead guitar & Ciaran Mac, on bass.. if you look to the front of the stage I'm sure that the guy with the brown leather jacket is Sean Faulkner...??? photos Greg Gorman.

These guys hummed and crowds flocked to see them. All good things come to a end, "unfortunately". What a great band, & brilliant sessions they would create.I remember a gig in the White horse Greenford London & Vinny (lead singer) stopped singing, half way through a song & went chat the multitude of female fans in the audience, much to the disgust of the other band members.The Craic was mighty, free pints to keep them well oiled, accommodation in the famous 90 Preston Hill & payment for the sessions. It seemed that it was a win,win situation, but when they landed back at mcGroartys pub in Donegal town, after paying for fuel, food & the ferry, their spoils when divided between all... was a mere pound each.. such is life!Another tale I heard from a family member was while playing in Killybegs one night at the Harbour bar, the place was packed to the doors & all the lads thought success was on the horizon, then to discover they were all there for "take your pick" & as soon as it was over, the crowd dispersed.They played on, to deaf ears to those who were left, but failed to draw attention until.. Vinny announced that the next set was dedicated to Mick Jagger who sadly died today.. suddenly he had drawn all the attention, the crowd were in the palm of their hands as they knocked out a selection of Rolling Stones songs to tremendous applause. Afterwards, Vinny was approached by several people to ask where did he hear about it? Vinny responded; "I think I heard something about him on the news & I'm nearly sure it was true". A pure Genius & a great entertainer.


Mick T. said...

WOW! That all I can say, WOW! That name brings back memories.

Do you know what year this was? I'd guess it was 1986?

The pic looks like it was taken in the Stables in the back the Castle Bar.

Anonymous said...

Just been pointed in the direction of your site by Siobhan Coughlan. Nice piece on Freewheelin Franklin - brought back memories. The photo was taken in the Stables at the back of the Old Castle Bar in 1990. The white acoustic guitar beside Vinny belonged to me but came to a sorry end a few weeks later in a bikers pub in Foxford when Vinny frustrated by the lack of enthusiasm from the punters decided to do a Jimi Hendrix, and smash it to pieces in the middle of a song!!!
I was a bit pissed off but you couldn't really stay mad at Vinny for any length of time and he did pay me for the guitar (eventually).
He developed quite a habit of announcing the demise of musicians prior to playing their songs, and always got a reaction - even when he managed to kill off 9 or 10 musical legends at 1 gig!!
A funny man, a great friend, sadly missed, fondly remebered.
Keep up the good work.
Talk to you soon

Ciaran Mc
Ed's note Ciaran Mc was (bass guitarist of free wheelin' franklin)

Anonymous said...

I rem that gig in Castle bar, it was a great night, one I rem for a long time. But what a pity Castle bar didn't see how much the punters loved the venue and the bands, as I recall they didn't hold many gigs there at all.