Sunday, June 25, 2006


Welcome to Donegal!

Welcome to Donegal

  • Outside the Abbey
  • The Monument
  • Glenveagh Stone Eagle

  • The start of the Bank Walk
  • Field near Donegal Town
  • Fintra Beach near Killybegs
  • Near Saint Ernan's
  • Rossnowlagh? ;)

Can you name the people in this pic?

Can you name them?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

News: Week ending Jun 24, 2006

Sorry not much news this week. I came across this scary article about someone in Letterkenny whose house was broken into and they were held at gunpoint for 3 hours. See the link below for more:

Retired bank manager, Mr Tony Murray, was disturbed from his sleep by an intruder at 6.30am on Monday at Convent Road. On going to investigate he was confronted by the intruder who had a sawn off shot gun and was wearing a scarf wrapped around his head making only his eyes visible.

“The whole thing lasted for three hours. It was very traumatic, a terrible ordeal. The gardai have been here every day and I’ve told them as much as I can remember about it. You never think that something like this would ever happen to you,” Mr Murray said. (Courtsey Donegal News:

Do people think there is more crime in and around Donegal that ten or twenty years ago?

Feel free to post any interesting stories in the comments section.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mid-week pics, June 21st 2006

  • Village Tavern Mountcharles
  • The Bank Walk
  • The Old Abbey
The Village Tavern The Bank Walk The Old Abbey
  • Mountcharles Shore
Mountcharles Shore Panorama

  • The Scotsmans
  • The Old Castle
  • Murvagh Sunset
Deliverance Sunset at the BackstrandsOld Castle

  • The Quay & Graveyard
  • Rossnowlagh 1993
  • Thatched Cottage near St. John's Point
Quay & Graveyard St. John's Point Thatched Cottage Rossnowlagh 1993

Hope you like the pics. If you find any you think we should link to let us know.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Midweek Pics!

Some more pics to keep you all homesick, maybe I'll root out some more for the weekend! And I'll post some more news headline over the weekend. Let me know what you find interesting (and what you don't).

The pics are as follows (click on the pics to see a bigger version):
  • The auld railway bridge near the Friary at Rossnowlagh
Disused Railway bridge at Rossnowlagh
  • Charlie Doherty's
  • O'Donnell's Isle out by Lough Eske
  • The Friary at Rossnowlagh
  • Rossnowlagh Beach
Charlie DohertysLough EskeRossnowlagh FriaryRossnowlagh Beach
Updated July 2008: Removed some pics that were no longer on Flickr.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Donegal Town News

Some news for the week:

Let me know if you find this useful and I'll try and post, what I think is, interesting news about Donegal Town. Also, let me know what type of news you'd prefer, I'm not big into sports but enough people ask I'll try and add more sport news.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Zack got married!

Congratulations to Zack and Nuala who got married on May 5th 2006!

See the Donegal Times for more:

(Picture courtsey the Donegal Times).

I'm here!

The Razmondo invited me to contribute the blog. For me first blog entry I'm going to post some auld pics to make all you immigrants homesick!

Your going to have to be pretty old to remember the Diamond looking like this:
Dongal Town: The Diamond 1973

And here's one of the town from down by the quay:
Donegal Town from the Old Abbey

In future I'm going to try and post links to recent news around Donegal and interesting pics.

Thanks to Raymond!

Friday, June 02, 2006

A selection of pictures of Matt, Nancy & three eldest of the family, Jack, Matt & Gary....
The young lady in white being held by Matt snr., is none other than Anne Sharky(nee Hyland)