Saturday, December 23, 2006

News: Updated

Gardi will be out in force over Christmas:
Gardi will be out watching for drink driving, so mind the drink, walk or taxi home and have a few for me. :)

Car sales up in Donegal:

If your into Boxing, the first "professional" boxing show will be held early next year at "the Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny, on Saturday the 10th of February":
Some scarey buck in the 1st picture on that page.

Garda from Bruckless held for assualting woman in Killybegs:

Nice article on CNN about Donegal:

BIG demand for Turkeys:
Er, it is Christmas ain't it? ;)

Hope ye all enjoy Christmas and Santy is good to you. I'll see ya all here next year, I'll be away from now until the New Year and doubt if I'll be able to blog anything. Check the comments, I may put a few news-worthy links there.

If your not home over Xmas here's a few pics to remind ye of home.

After a big huge Christmas dinner, ye could take a walk down to the Quay to watch the sunset:
Donegal Bay

Or go for a walk around the bank:
Winter sunset over Donegal Bay

If your really stir crazy after being cooped up for a few days, pop in the car and head up around Bundoran:
At Bundoran.Paul @ Bundoran

Have a Merry Christmas whereever you are & whatever your doing. And don't forget to look at the pics of Santy's vist to Donegal:

Bennett to agree Donegal Mart plans in January:

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Surfing news!

For all you surfing Brittons ;)

Supposed to be better access to Tullan Strand:

"Clr Sean McEniff said he will be pushing hard for the county council to put money aside to develop a right of way onto the popular beach which lies beside Bundoran. "

Tullan Strand

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


RTE news video from the last day at the Hospira Plant, formerly Abbots, just outside Donegal Town:
Requires Realplayer to view.

A lot of Donegal people shopping in Derry:
Not surprising, plus ye can stop for a cheap drink and a cigarette in a pub while your there! ;)

Donegal solicitors call for appointment of another Judge to help police the county, currently there is only one judge for the whole county:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Breaking News ... updated

Council gives green light for €100million Donegal development:

So Keeney gets the go ahead to build where Magees factory is. But, I ask you this, €100,000,000, is this serious, this is a town of a few thousand people and they're going to build a development that's going to cost €100,000,000?

"Developer, Danny Keeney has indicated that the development will cost in the region of €100million and could employ up to 1,000 people."

That sound more like the cost of some huge development in a big city. Has land in Donegal, & the rest of Ireland, gotten so expensive? Have labour costs gotten so high? My only worry is that if this development is so huge and expensive it could change change the character of the town irrevocably.

On the other hand:

"It is believed that Tesco Ireland is the anchor tenant for the development which includes fifteen retail units, 250 residential units, office accomodation and carparking for 950 cars."

One BIG shop and only 15 other ones for €100million, sounds like a lot of someone's money to me. Works out to almost €178,591 per job lost at Hospira. (That's 100,000,000/560, 560 is the number of people who worked at Hospira:
Sounds to me like the town could get a lot more manufacturing jobs for that kind of money, instead of a lot of folk sitting at cash registers.

Appeal against Donegal Town Dunnes upheld, this was a competing plan to have a shopping center out opposite Micky Mac's:
The application, which had the potential to create more than 200 jobs during the construction phase, was refused planning on the grounds of its distance from the town centre and its potential to create what the board called, "serious traffic congestion."

Problem is that it could have caused traffic to back-up onto the roundabout and maybe overflow onto the by-pass, plus it's a wee ways from the town center and could have killed off the shops on Main street & the Diamond.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Horslips Exhibition

Horslips Exhibition on Nationwide

Its a pity the sound is out of sync..on this clip, but worth listening to. The band "Horslips" have inspired a generation & the music scene in ireland. This little clip gives insight to what the band meant to many..
The atmosphere that they created was "electric"... They had a connection with the rythm of your soul.. I believe that the band have regrouped & are back on the road. Great news!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Bellies playing November Rain in Donegal Town

Discovered this video footage of "The Bellies" performance in Donegal Town... Excellent ! So I decided to share it with you all.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Looks like broadband is an issue for business in Donegal, so I guess I wasn't raving too much in the last blog posting. ;)
"A lobby group has claimed the lack of a proper broadband internet service in Donegal is leaving the county at a major dissandvantage in competing in business. "

Good morning Inishowen!
I think this is a great idea:
"In Co. Donegal older people, many living in isolated rural areas, are telephoned regularly by the Good Morning Inishowen service to check how they are and to keep them in touch with their community."

Christmas on the Diamond a year or 2 ago:

And a great pic of Barry Britton's shop window down by Rossnowlagh:
Barry Brittons' Beautiful Shop window

Sunday, December 10, 2006

News, updated & rants ;)

A wee bit of news to keep ye going. I'll clean-up this posting and add some news to it later on Sunday:

"Mini-riot" on Diamond, calls for new Gardi station:
The chairperson of Donegal Town Community Chamber has today called for a new Garda station to be provided for the town following a weekend brawl which involved up to 50 people.

I don't see the connection between a mini-riot and needing a new Garda station? I do see the need for more Gardi when there are a few thousand drunk people vomited out of the local disco on a Saturday night.

Most of these incidents are caused by too much drink! And we see the same type of thing happening every year or. I also think that the places responsible for serving people so much drink that they're so scrap-happy need to be held partially responsible; it will stop establishments serving from serving people till their falling down drunk and causing trouble. Imagine if one these discos lost their license for a month, do ye think they'd be 50 drunks on the Diamond scrapping again? (I don't want to mention anywhere by name in case some fecker decides to do the blog for slander, I'm serious!)

Shortly after the pics Raz posted were taken, the Xmas lights were friggin' vandalised:

Not sure to be upset or laugh at it?

Dublin decentralisation planning permission problems, caused by fighting builder?
Concern has been expressed today that moves to bring 250 decentralised jobs to Donegal Town could be put in jeopardy following an objection to development at the proposed site in Drumlonagher.

Seems Keeney Construction is objecting to the development of the offices or facilities which is to be done by Bennet Construction. I also heard, and it might not be true, that Keeney Construction is objecting to (Michael) Kelly Construction's plans for a shopping center and stuff behind the car park.

Based on how these builders have been dueling for this "mixed use facility" for years, they must expect there to be a huge demand & return on whatever is build. So if the return is so huge and if the impact may be so big why oh why are we leaving this decision mainly to people whose main interest is profit? Why can't the town & council partner with a developer and get something that will benefit us all; profit for the builder, jobs for the town, and a center the whole area can be proud of.

With the closure of Hospira and Magee's Manufacturing there is going to be some serious pressure to get something quickly build to generate jobs; but if the town picks rashly ... too far from the center and the town center dies, to close to the by-passes and the bypass is clogged with traffic, an architect with poor taste and the thing looks dated and bland in a few years, not enough parking ... the list goes on.

The Town & the County authorities could decide where they want development, decide how they want it, zone the land for the use then accept the best plan. What I think is needed; is something close to the existing town center, with easy car access, plenty of parking, and it needs to be something that won't look dated, ugly, and bland in 10 years. And, we need something more than a shopping center to replace the manufacturing jobs that have been lost; we need more manufacturing or techie jobs. There needs to be pressure put on Eircom to supply more bandwidth to the broadband for the whole county so more high-tech jobs can consider the area; and broadband costs need to decrease. The more jobs created that generate good for export the more overall money will be pumped into the local economy ... ok sorry I'll get off me high horse and stop ranting ... let me know if you appreciate the rants or not also please comment and share your thoughts and opinions and news!

Yoo-hoo, the bypass of Ballybofey will be a dual-carriageway:
Boo-hoo, it will cost over €100 million for just under 16K of roads. Too bad no-one in Government never thought to build all these roads in the 1980's; it would have been cheaper, and created a sh*t-load of employment. Yeah, sure they would have had to borrow to pay for it all. But, decent modern infra-structure does pay off, just think how much more quickly and cheaply goods from Donegal can make it to the rest of the country or to Europe with decent dual-carriageways! Plus, all us wans away from home could get home quicker when we land at the airport!

And a wee pic of Lough Eske for ye:

Lough Eske

And some pics of 2006's Saint Patrick's Day Parade:

I posted this all in a bit of a rush, and didn't have much of a chance to check me grandma & spelling ;)

Make sure U scroll down this page to see the pics of the lights on the Diamond that Raz posted.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Santas come to Town...

A selection of pics from the festive Donegal Town Folk...

A welcome party for Santa & Friends.. Even the Minster & Mayor are in attendance.. "It shows how important Santa is".

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Local couple win national award
A new Donegal Town enterprise has been acknowledged a national award after just one year in business. Bumblebees at the Drumrooske Industrial Estate in Donegal Town received the 2006 First Step Microfinance Award in Dublin last night. Stephen and Brigeen Bell run the indoor play centre.

I bumped into Stephen when I was home in September, sounded like things are going well for him. Tis good seeing someone do well at home!

Decentralisation will occur?
The Minister for Agriculture has today said the government remains committed to decentralising 250 jobs in the Dept of Social and Family Affairs to Donegal Town.

Is it me were politicans a bit naive to expect hordes of civil servants to leave the cities they chose to work in to move down the country? Also, I wonder how much more bureaucracy this will add; by splitting up & shaking up Departments will this make Government more or less efficient?

Rural Post Office closings:
Twenty-five rural post offices in Co Donegal have been either downgraded or closed in the last seven years. Among those to have their services cutback were post offices in Bridgetown, Frosses, Letterbarrow and Trentagh.

Donegal postmaster speaks out on crime risk
A Donegal postmaster has today said the threat faced by rural post offices from raiders is a very real one and is a sad fact of life ... On the subject of the downgrading of many rural post offices, Mr Cannon said the costs being incurred by post masters isn't sustainable going forward.

Men to appear in court on sex charges linked to teenager
As many as six men from south Donegal have been served summonses in relation to sex charges with a thirteen year old girl which date back to 2003 ... The charges relate to a 13 year old girl, now aged 16, who is alleged to have kept a diary recording sexual encounters with the men.

Seminars on stonewall building and hedge borders in Donegal
The free conservation of traditional field boundaries workshop will take place in the former Carnowen National School at Carnowen Crossroads near Castlefin.

Donegal Company Scoops National Enterprise Award
For the first time since 1993, a team from Donegal (in the shape of Modern Timber Homes Ltd) left Croke Park with the major award in its hands.

Indeed, the ethos of the company revolves around ecologically friendly and energy efficient houses. And as people become more aware of the environment around them, Shaun McColgan expects new markets and opportunities to come their way. Tipped as being “one to watch” for the future, the company is already making plans, with the use of technology to increase its customer base.

Their website is here: they way they build houses looks like how most houses are built in North America.

Lessons from a "boy racer"
A DONEGAL “boy racer” survived a record 48 hours on life-support without a liver, after suffering near-fatal injuries in a car crash last March.

Jason Gallagher, 21, was given a liver transplant soon after the accident by doctors at St Vincent’s hospital in Dublin, but after the organ went “rotten” it had to be removed without another being available.

Last week it was revealed that the border counties have the most dangerous roads in Ireland, with a 33% higher death rate than the rest of the country. Donegal had the highest number of fatal crashes. The authors of a report on road deaths blamed this on a boy-racer culture.

Gallagher described this phenomenon as “young fellas acting the bollix, just stupidity.”

On another note about traffic woes, Alcohol main cause of Border crashes.

Letterkenny the conference center of the NW?
Letterkenny has seen huge investment in its conference events venues in the last number of years, making it a high profile conference location ... According to Pat the Cope, “Business tourism offers valuable opportunities to complement the growth in short stay breaks in Donegal. Recent research reveals that a business tourist spends on average three times more than the leisure visitors.”

Ireland & UK to have joint sex offenders registry after sex offender "hiding" in Donegal.
The difficulty exacerbated in this country is that while the details on the UK’s most wanted offenders are now posted on a dedicated website, one of them has been identified as living and working in Donegal for the past two years.

More here:

After the various hostages taking & kidnapping of business owners Donegal businesses to be briefed on "tiger kidnappings"
Business owners in Letterkenny will be briefed by gardai on specific measures to employ to deal with so called "tiger kidnappings".

Nice article about visting Donegal
An 87-mile drive along the coast from Ballyshannon up to Malin Head, Ireland's northernmost point, is short on your standard tourist activities. But 2,000-foot-tall sea cliffs and dozens of sweet inns make it worth the trip.

Thanks to p_grapher on flick for a lovely pic:

Glen Head

Friday, December 01, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Seen in Boston

Was heading out of work to get lunch and this yoke was parked outside:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More news!

1899 square miles, 130,000 people, ONE judge. Yup, one judge to cover Co. Donegal and North County Leitrim.
Donegal branch of the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) calls for training of foreign farm workers.

The Irish Farmers Association is calling on the government to provide training courses for migrant workers within the farming industry.

A couple of fires happened at about the same time on Thursday.

The Ballyshannon Fire Birgade had to come deal with one as the Donegal Town was busy dealing with a house fire. No one hurt thankfully.

Donegal dog listener.

"It all made total sense. Jan showed us how to read dog signals by their ears or their tail. "It is all about listening to the dog," she said.

Finn Harps to get new stadium?

And I'm afraid this has nothing to do with Donegal , but get a jar mayonisse and help save Norway from the Giant Russian Crabs:,,26018-1963294_1,00.html ;)

And here's a pic of the new bridge in Ballyshannon, taken, again, by dingbat2005 at Flickr:

Foot bridge under road bridge

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Donegal businessman's home targeted by armed raiders.

"Three masked men entered the house of the businessman, who runs a car dealership in Donegal Town, at Ednagor near Rockfield school, brandishing a sawn-off shotgun at 8.30pm last night."

No one was hurt thankfully, but this is the 2nd time this year that someone in the county has had their home raided like this. The other incident happened up in Letterkenny.

Donegal Man crowned Mr. Sligo!

If your a Meteor Mobile user, you can now roam in Donegal via the Vodafone network.

And here's a picture that will bring back memories for some:
Halla na gCeitre Maistir

Looks like it was a wee bit stormy at home this week:

Sea crashing over Creevy Pier
Thanks to dingbat on flickr for the picture

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, hope ye's weren't all standing on the Iron Bridge throwing water baloons at cars driving underneath!


Sunday, October 29, 2006


Promoting Donegal in NYC:

Jim White to run for FG?

Sex in the classroom:
2 kids caught performing sex act in a classroom in Finn Valley??

And on that note, let's just leave you all with a nice wee pic that I took down by the Mountcharles shore:

Mountcharles Shore Panorama

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A mystical morning coming through "The Gap"..
Photos courtsey Sinead Gogarty

Returning to Ireland, heading for home & it's as if nature welcomes you. A beautiful morning, low lying mist, the clouds clearing to blue sky... the start of "The wedding fest", a brillant week of celebration & the weather to go with it...
More photos to follow.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ricky's New Ride..

I will get myself in Deep Water..but here is a sneek preview at Rickardos new ride..soon to launch & brighten the waterways, along with all the other fine craft already working the Bay... I hope the invite is in the post for the launch...any excuse for a session.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Wedding..Fest...

Just a few shots of the wedding of Brian Cannon & Cindi Cannon(nee Graham), which was just excellent!! We await more photos of the awesome event.. so people you know who you are, please get posting...

It can only be described as "A Wedding Fest".. three days of partying, great music & great "Craic".. thanks to Greg Gorman for these.

The vows & the first dance

The First Argument? ;)

Let the music begin & the mad drummer commence ...

Peter Cannon (Lead Guitar)
Brian Cannon ( The Groom.. on Drums)
Zack the Bass Gallagher ...
What are they called... Who cares..
How's about "pbzzzsss" ... suggestions welcome

Salaute ... The Guys toast to the newly weds, while their still able, Rickardo, Johnny, Greg, Raz & Ciaran Mc..Drink! Drink! more Fecking Drink! Now!

The Early Hours ... around 5.30am & the party still goes on.. Charlie Cannon listens with pride to Paula, his daughter as she sings. All the clan are gifted with music in their souls..& all performed, but our cameraman failed to last the test of time..

More Photos Please ...


A bit light on the news this week.

Speed Cameras
Location of Speed Cameras in Inishowen:

I know folk are upset about all the accidents on the roads, but it's not all due to people speeding. It's due to people driving like eejits, and taking risks with their own lives and the lives of others on the roads. I think the Gardi should be concentrating on dangerous aggressive drivers.

Shake-up of the planning system?

And here's a wee pic for ya, taken by meself, cars out by Barnes Gap a well known speeding spot:

Barnes Reflections

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just a thought.....

Just a reminder...

Hi All, If all of you Donegal people our families & friends, were to post what photos you may have, either past or present, it may make an intresting archive. Everything is exceptable, the funniest, maddest posed or spur of the moment shots, that will express the individuals character. All Family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, schools, pubs, clubs, pets, homes, whatever!! this is just a casual let your hair down off the cuff photo album. If you feel that you have a connection in any way... Go for it! The year, a title & some info., a story just to get the jist of "what's what"....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...first year in 1981,Abbey Vocational school

Hi there Raymondo
How's the form?? Have a wee notice for the web site, our (Abbey Vocational School) 20 year school reunion is planned for Friday 29th December 06 in Doms Pier One at 9.30pm. This applies to anyone who was in first year in 1981, did their leaving cert in 1986 and anyone who attended and maybe left early in between these dates. There will be an 80s disco and food served all for the great price of €15 per person, all partners welcome.
This email address can be used for anyone who wants to contact me but be sure to put Siobhan (Meehan) Coughlan otherwise not a one will know who it is!!
Be sure now and give it a good old plug for us on the Donegal Friends site and we'll tell all on the night to check out the site too.
Ta very much


Contact for more info: Siobhan Coughlan(Meehan)


Sunday, October 01, 2006

News: Oct 1st 2006

Hiya all, it's been a while since I've done a news post. I've been away home on holidays for two weeks and been too busy to get a decent post written. But, here's some of the news stories from the past month or so:

Stories about the traveller development at Drimark:

Councillors reject Donegal Town traveller development Sep 26, 5:17 pm

Council to sell controversial Drimark site Sep 27, 5:21 pm

Donegal Town needs a theater for plays? Maybe we need a arts center, but I wonder if a dedicated theater would be self-funding?

Donegal Town crying out for dedicated theatre - claim Sep 25, 5:50 pm

Building, building, building:

Planning applications to reach record high in Donegal Sep 21, 5:27 pm

Looks like there are a lot of unwanted dogs in Donegal:

"County veterinary inspector, Frank McRory, said almost half the dogs at the shelter are handed in by members of the public which is a sad reflection on dog owners. "

997 unwanted dogs put down in Donegal - 2005 Sep 14, 5:15 pm

Almost a thousand dogs put down in Donegal in 2005 Sep 13, 11:38 am

Donegal architects develop plans to hide holiday homes when not in use:
· Houses can sink into ground when not in use
· Fears over environmental impact of building boom

Vanishing trick for Ireland's second homes.

A dual carriageway all the way to Dublin would mean a 2.5 or 3 hour drive!

"... in spite of Ireland's prosperity, many border regions such as the North West have been left behind. "

EU Commissioner backs Donegal to Dublin motorway calls Sep 05, 3:08 pm

Sinn Fein continue Donegal/Dublin motorway campaign Sep 04, 5:46 pm

Is broadband good or bad in the county?

Regional broadband scheme comprised of 70k of fibre optics Sep 12, 5:44 pm

Broadband in Donegal a "total disgrace" - ISME chief Sep 26, 5:05 pm

(ISME is the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association.)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Memory for just 50 pence..great investment

L/R Eddie mc Loughlin, Paul Griffin & Leo Gorman after Five mile run. The picture was the trophy memory of the event costing ten bob from a skint hippie...who offered his services with his new polaroid.